2016 National Tasting Project


Date(s) - 06/25/2016
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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It’s time for the annual National Tasting Project (NTP).  This year the NTP features rare and small production wines from boutique wineries that are members of the Rhone Rangers, a non-profit organization whose members produce American-grown Rhone-varietal wines.  Unlike previous years, this time there are 2 price tiers to choose from: budget friendly and pricier.  To give you the best experience, you will be tasting the “pricey tier”.

This will be a “blind tasting” led by AWS Certified Wine Judge Year 2 Student, Mary Adams, who will describe the Rhone varietals and their typical aromas and flavors.  Attendees are asked to focus on rating the wines against these typical markers and to use the UC Davis aroma wheel to help objectively fill in the AWS scoring sheet.  Results will be tabulated and sent to the national office and you’ll see the results at the November meeting.

The NTP is the largest group tasting of its kind, encompassing more than 140 chapters and 5000+ members across the U.S.  Each year the NTP committee chooses a theme and selects several wines that show different styles within the theme.  Chapters hold tastings to sample the wines and then see how their ratings compare to other AWS chapters.  Mike and Charlie from AWS Hudson had a hand in the wine selection at last year’s AWS National Conference and from what I am told, some of these wines were remarkable.

The NTP is especially important to the AWS as it establishes our society as an opinion leader and wine authority, and a number of wine makers and industry professionals use the results to promote their products.  So it is with deep appreciation that the national organization thanks us for participating.

Space for this event will be limited!

Special thanks to Amy and Paché for hosting and for making arrangements with Henry-Dirsa Funeral Home to allow you to park in their parking lot, which is at the corner of Dorchester St. and Ward St.

The cost will be approximately $24 per person.  Please bring a few extra $1s in case we have any last minute cancellations.

Please bring an appetizer.  Here are a few links for inspiration:

Other appetizer ideas:

Goat cheese, aged Cheddar, earthy mushrooms (mushroom bruschetta), olives (tapenade), cured or smoked meats (wild boar soppressata), Moroccan tagines, lentil or bean-based dishes, roasted root vegetables like carrots, beets and parsnips, and game meat.



This event is fully booked.

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  1. Sorry to miss! I’ll be away that weekend.