Sep 082015

found this interesting article in the September 2015 issue of GQ magazine and scanned it to PDF to share with us.  Please enjoy.


Apr 222015

Today I received the brochure and list of wines from the National Office for the 2015 National Tasting Project. This year’s theme is: “Wines of Austria and Hungary, A Well Kept Secret”. I ordered the wines today, and according to the supplier, the package has shipped. I’m planning on holding this year’s NTP in June.

What is The National Tasting Project? The NTP is a wine education and tasting opportunity for AWS Chapters across the US.   Each year the NTP committee chooses a theme and selects several widely available wines that show different styles within the theme.  Chapters hold tastings to sample the wines and then see how their ratings compare to other AWS chapters.

Mar 122015

Hello Fellow Wine Enthusiasts,

I have information to share about the Theatre Café Wine Dinner. First, you can view the poll results on our web site: There were 19 people that responded to the poll. On the question of food price, the majority of people, 47% chose the $30-$40 range for food.  On the question of wine pairing, 63% of people chose greater than $30.

The chef at the Theatre Café is crafting an exquisite 5 course gourmet menu for us for $40 per person. In building the menu, the chef is going to take into account these dietary restrictions: 1 lactose allergy, 2 nut allergies, 1 lamb allergy, 1 vegetarian, 1 gluten free, and 1 pescetarian with the understanding that “the entire menu be created equally with the same culinary creativity regardless of dietary restrictions.”

The restaurant is able to accommodate 20 people and we are planning on having the dinner on Saturday May 16th – so save the date! Those that responded to the poll will be given first priority. You do not have to be an AWS member to attend this event.

I spoke with Jim at O’Hara’s Fine Wines on the wine pairing. A $30-$35 per person budget is doable to pair quality wines with the 5 courses.

Dessert: the Theatre Café will allow us to bring our own dessert.

Be sure to register for an account on our web site if you haven’t already. You do not have to be a member of the AWS to register for an account. We will be using our web site for RSVPs to this event and future events.

More details to follow.



Dec 052014

I am excited to announce that all AWS members will receive 20% or more discount on wines that are purchased from O’Hara’s Wine and Liquors that have been featured at the previous AWS wine event.

How it works: O’Hara’s will have a list of wines from our last wine education event behind the counter. When you walk in, just tell the clerk that you want an AWS discount wine and they will help you find it and give you the discount. You can also email Jim, the proprietor at or call the shop at .

This benefit starts on December 6th with the wines featured at our Holiday Party.

O’Hara’s Wine and Liquors is located at 402 W. Boylston Street, Worcester, MA 01606.

Dec 012014

The 2015 National Tasting Project (NTP) will focus on Austrian and Hungarian wines! We will get more details from the national office in April.

The NTP is a wine education and tasting opportunity for AWS Chapters across the US. Each year the NTP committee chooses a theme and selects several widely available wines that show different styles within the theme. Chapters hold tastings to sample the wines and then see how their ratings compare to other AWS chapters.

Nov 242014

David Falchek, the AWS Director of Memberships, has recently made available to all of its members a AWS Wine Education Library. The library consists of maps, PDF handouts, and PowerPoint presentations. If you’ve ever been interested in presenting a topic at one of our monthly education meetings, the AWS Wine Education Library is a good place to start.

Our chapter has donated all of our presentations to the library for the benefit of the other AWS chapters across the country.