Oct 242016

All membership expiration dates are Dec 31, 2016 or later. You can always renew, contact Mike Farren at: or email at .

Dues are now $49 for individual and $62 for households. The membership lasts until Dec. 31, 2017. New members that register in October will receive 14 months of membership.

There is a three year discount offer (15% discount to normal fees) available for $124 for individuals and $158 for households.

Oct 052016

As I mentioned at our last wine education event, we have the opportunity to purchase Riedel glassware at a deep discount.  Many of you know Natalie from the AWS Hudson group or met her at the summer BBQ at Diane’s house in Northborough.  Nat is working directly with the local Riedel glass rep. Please see the information below.  If you would like to place an order, please contact Nat before October 24th.  The more orders we have, the better the discount.

Enclosed is the Riedel catalog to send out to AWS. Here is the scoop and I am happy to help/explain any of this to anyone who needs help. Just give them my email and cell .

We are an existing account so they may have to reactivate us but our minimum that we need to spend is $500 (retail). I think last time our order was somewhere over $2500 retail. However, we want to be over $1000 or $2500 to get better discounts.

If we are over $2500 retail then our discount is 40%/15% versus 40%/10% if we are over $1000. When you look at the discount table on the catalog ignore anything in red. That was for the promo that ends today so we will not be eligible for that. They will not run any end of the year promos so we are not under a time crunch but should do this before the end of the year. We should probably give people a date that we need to have the order info so it can be placed before the holiday rush…maybe 10/31/??

So here is how it works. People should go to this website and look at the glass collections or decanters. Only Riedel products so no Spiegelau. Wine glasses, decanters, beer and spirits glasses are all included…but it must be a Riedel product.

View The Riedel Glass Collection : RIEDEL

Once you know what you want then look at the catalog for pricing. You will need to look at the yellow highlighted column where it says Retail US $ per bill unit. This will give you the price. All bill units are 2 packs unless it is the som series (those are singles). There is a case minimum for each (case of 4 for som series, case of 8 for everything else).

Here is an example:

Let’s say I want the Vinum XL cab glasses, part 6416/00. The retail price on the bill unit (2 glasses) is $69.00. But I have to buy a case which is 8 glasses so I actually have to order (or split an order with someone else) 4 bill units. 4 bill units at $69 each is $276.00 before the discount. If we are over $2500 retail then the discount is 40/15 so it works like this: $276 less 40% is $165.60. Then $165.60 less the additional 15% is $140.76. So for 8 glasses the total without shipping would be $140.76 which makes it $17.60 per glass.

Last time we did have some people split the cases but most people were happy to buy the case. Shipping is additional. I can’t recall how much it was last time but it was minimal. It generally is between 7-10% of the total order and then we would divide this by the number of people who ordered.

It worked really well last time. People sent their order info to me and I created a spreadsheet for it so I could calculate their total. We shipped everything to Noel and he and I sorted it. I put the whole order on my credit card and then people sent me money via Paypal or check. We can discuss where might the most convenient place to ship it based on who might be centrally located for people to pick up their items. Probably since the account is tied to me it would be easiest if I used my card for the order. If someone else really wants to use their card I can explore that.

Call me if you have questions.


Riedel Catalog